Bi 1: Principles of Biology

The great theories of biology and their influence in the modern world

Spring 2018

There are three overarching theories in biology, the theory of the cell, the theory of the gene, and the theory of evolution.  Each of them has had major impacts on our lives – for example the concept of the gene has led to treatments for inherited diseases, personalized and genomic medicine, forensic DNA testing, and modern agriculture.  Each theory will be discussed from its 19th century origin to its standing in the 21st century, and the scientific understanding and societal impact of each will sampled. The course will also ask if there is yet a theory of the brain, and if not, how one might be framed.  The course is designed to teach what technically adept members of society should know about biology.

Where: 119 Kerckhoff
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:00 - 2:25pm


April 3 2018 - First day of class (No recitations for the first week).

May 3 2018 - Midterm has been posted on Assignments page.

June 10 2018 - Final Exam has been posted on Assignments page.


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